Best Stretches for Bone Health: A Guide

Aside from the best stretches for bone health and flexibility, it is also important that you take into consideration your calcium intake. Calcium can be a commonly misunderstood nutrient. Calcium is an alkaline mineral that’s necessary for bone health. Given that it’s an essential nutrient that the body needs, keep in mind that it’s not the only important player in maintaining bone health. A new study by researchers found that living a healthy active lifestyle can help women keep ten (10%) to twenty percent (20%) bone masses as they age reducing the occurrences of fractures by as much as eighty-five percent (85%) and then came similar benefits. Exercise is an important part of keeping your bones healthy and that includes walking which you normally do on a daily basis. But what are the best stretches that anybody can do to keep their bones really healthy? Find out more best stretches that are especially good for bone health.

best stretches for bone health

One of the best stretches mostly recommended for bone health is the wall squat which is an exercise that will target the spine and the hips. Take a ball place it at your lower back area and start walking away, walking a little further forward. When you drop down as if you are to sit on a chair, keep your shoulders over your hips and your knees over the ankles. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged with nice and slow controlled repetitions. Don’t lock your knees at the top. It is recommended that you do this stretching at least three times a week, every other day. Then after a month, add a second set and with heavier weights — you can hold dumbbells while you do this stretching.

The next stretching set you can try is the wall push up, which will target the wrists and the spine. You just go up to the wall with your hands a little wider than your shoulders. Have your fingers spread apart and just lower yourself slowly into the wall coming back out without locking the elbows. Keep your abdominals engaged with your back nice and straight. Perform this stretching with nice slow controlled repetitions. It is recommended that you do one set of this stretching three times a week for a month until you have mastered the technique. After the month, you can make it more challenging by stepping farther away to do the push ups. Make your stretching even more challenging by doing one arm push ups.

Another stretching you can try is a single arm shoulder press which will target the spine. You can start by using a five-pound dumbbell or any weight that you can do comfortably for ten repetitions. You could even use a soup can. You’ll want to take the dumbbell on your shoulder. Stand with your feet a little wider than your shoulders. Your knees should be slightly bent. Keep your abdominal muscles engaged and pulled in. Then extend your arms up over your head without locking your elbows and bring your arms back down to your shoulder in nice slow controlled repetitions. It is recommended that you do this stretching at least three days a week, one set for a month until you master the technique. Then after a month, you can add in another set and add heavier dumbbells.

The next best stretching technique is the extension or lengthening of the spine. So there’s space between and you can do that with upward salutes. Inhale, press your feet down and bring your arms up. Just lengthen your arms and reach up. If you have your arms apart, you don’t need to have them touched. Spread your toes. You’re just lengthening and you’re just imagining a space in between all the different vertebrae. Inhale and then exhale bringing your hands down.

Then, you’re going to do some flexing and rounding the spine. A nice way to do it is to start in a child pose. So you sit with your heels and your hips on the heal. Place your forehead on the floor or you can also place your arms or fists below your forehead. Have your knees a little bit more apart to get a much more sort of flexing and rounding your spine. Relax for a moment. Then you can also come up on your hands and knees on the in-breath. You really push the spine up to the ceiling.

Your bones are extremely important for a happy existence. A number of ailments may occur if you don’t have healthy bones. Your skeletal system is made of bones. It serves as the groundwork that supports the human body. It performs important functions such as being the protective layer for the vital organs and providing a structure to your body, assisting and supporting with your movements. The main components of your skeletal system are bones. It is extremely important to do the best stretches for bone health mentioned above to sustain your bone’s health. Certain conditions like joint pains, pain while moving or walking, toughness in the joints, or arthritis may be experienced if you don’t have healthy bones. Remember not to take the health of your bones for granted as you may likely to have serious bone disorders like osteoporosis. Be sure to have healthy bones and continuously practice doing these best stretches for bone health.

Also, know more about your bone’s healthy by going under a bone density performance test. Doing that will let you know of all the basic safety measures relating with the results. Aside from doing the best stretches for bone health, get some sunlight and be sure to do that daily because another nutrient that can help your bones absorb calcium better is vitamin D, which is present in sunlight. Again, maintaining healthy bones not only include stretching but also adding some foods rich in calcium into your diet. Some of these foods rich in calcium include dairy products, fish and broccoli. Above all, maintain a healthy weight because being overweight and obese can actually make your bones weaker. Make sure to always monitor your body weight. We hope you enjoyed this guide for best stretches for bone health!

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