Exercise That is Best for Your Bones | A Quick Guide

The human body is composed of various organs, and muscles that is all supported by our skeleton. The movement is strictly a merit of our muscles, which in combination with our nerve-system, moves our bones around. Movement is interconnected with a healthy life, be it physical or mental. Deriving from this, our movement should be maintained as flawless and smoothly as we can. In general, as aging over 30 progresses the body support system— our bones and muscles begins to disintegrate. But, this article will show you how to maintain your bones’ strength and vitality through the ages. By caring about one component (our bones) we may cultivate health to the other elements as well (muscles and nerve-system). The best way to foster your bone strength is to do exercise that is best for your bones.

Exercise That is Best for Your Bones

Exercise That is Best for Your Bones

What we know from earlier, our bones start to disintegrate as we grow older than 30 (naturally this age may differ from person to person). The reason behind this is that the whole time our bones are being broken down from the osteoclasts (bone-cell type), they are built anew from the osteoblasts and are held together from the osteocytes— but after thirty the osteoclasts can work more than the osteoblasts and so more bone is being destroyed than built. As discussed, we will try and find a good way to maintain healthy bones throughout your years with the means of physical exercise. Exercise that is best for your bones are those which force you to carry your own weight or another weight— as those exercises encourage the osteoblasts (bone rebuilding cells) to work harder. Such exercises are, for instance, weight lifting, running, jogging, hiking etc. Also Yoga, Tai Chi, Racquet sports, swimming (swimming although not a weight bearing sport, helps build strong muscles which helps your bones) etc. Hiking could be probably the exercise that is best for your bones; you see landscapes you’ve never seen before (in your own location!), and probably meet new people. You will go uphill, and downhill — ensuring you won’t get bored. With all the walking on rough terrain, you will gain bone density (most of it on your hips — the most dangerous part to break for women as they age). The sunshine you get while hiking ensures you will receive Vitamin D, which binds calcium.

Depending on your doctor, you will get different tips on how to maintain the strength of your bones and which exercise that is best for your bones. Traditionally, your doctor will say to drink milk or eat cornflakes, or even give you calcium tablets and then tell you to exercise— probably on most occasions recommending fitness training. Fitness training is good as you will lift weights and run, but those exercises are monotonous.

Hiking on the other hand, according to the German fitness magazine Fit for Fun, is as energetically as demanding as jogging. It is  the exercise that is best for your bones. The only difference is that by jogging you can damage your bones and muscles. Not only strengthening your bones, but hiking also helps eliminate your stress-hormones and creates Serotonine and Dopamine — happiness hormones. Hiking could also be enhanced by carrying weights or other gear.

If you want to hike, then buying a camel-bag and having a comfortable pack is a must. You can fill your pack with food and water bottles, and your camel-bag should be filled full with water (2 liters is optimal). This ensures you won’t dehydrate. Your camel-bag should be able to resist temperature changes, be leak-proof, taste-free and be odorless. Another important thing is that you would need is a cleaning-kit so that you can maintain it. To complete your hiking experience, you should wear good shoes/boots. Firstly, if they are well-made they will not burden your legs while walking. A good selection would be the Garmont tower trek GTX mountaineering boot, which according to backpacker.com are strong even after hundreds of miles of hiking on harsh terrain.

After selecting your shoes/boots, buying a camel-bag and a pack, you can start your hike. Consequently, your health, muscles, nerve-system, and bones will benefit. Our bodies need care and movement. Especially today when a lot of us stay home in front of our computers. We lack the activity which is needed in order to live a healthy life. Our ancestors, and the people of the third-world still move around a lot, but because of their hard living conditions they cannot live a healthy life. We have a great advantage over them by having the economic means to improve our living circumstances. We should use this precious opportunity. Time spent in nature is healthy for our bodies and bones and hiking is exercise that is best for your bones.

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