The Top Ten Most Beautiful College Campuses

Some people are nostalgic remembering their college years and the youngest can’t wait to engage in this experience. Either way, universities are famous for the high level of education, the crazy parties, the interesting social activities and last, but not least, the beautiful landscapes and architecture that makes the life there part of a memorable story to tell your children or grandchildren one day. From gothic to modern architecture, snowy or grassy landscapes, fresh mountain air or salty ocean air, the various universities around the world has them all. After a quick analysis of the mass media and people’s opinions, here is a summary of the top 10 most beautiful college campuses:

most beautiful college campuses

10. West Point – The US Military Academy- Most Beautiful College Campuses

One of the pride of the New World is the United States military and the Neo-Gothic architecture of the campus of West Point, the US military academy, sure contributes to the inspiration of future officers. Almost embraced by the historical Hudson river, the buildings are united in a tall brick wall where cadets are studying and training. Combining the outside look with the halls of the buildings you get the feeling you are a tourist walking around a medieval castle admiring the historic, yet modern vibe of the campus.

09. University College Bristol- Most Beautiful College Campuses

The United Kingdom has amazing historical buildings dating back to the Roman Empire and the campus of the University College in Bristol can be considered one of those. One of the most stunning buildings around the campus is the Faculty of Music, a place that Charles Dickens himself wrote about multiple times and one fitting for aspiring music artists as it’s Victorian architecture and the brick reminders of the Romans left combine perfectly to create a big piece of art.

08. University of Colorado-Boulder-Most Beautiful College Campuses

When it comes to landscapes and vacations there are two kinds of people: those who love the sea and those who love the mountains. If you’re in the second category and wish to live for years in the Holiday spirit, Colorado-Boulder is perfect for you. Surrounded by the Rocky Mountains lays a building that resembles Batman’s mansion in the “Dark Knight Rises”, with heavy brick walls that form together a stunning modern building surrounded by snowy peaks.

07. Stanford University- Most Beautiful College Campuses

If you like surfing, instead of skiing, Stanford University might be the perfect choice for you. Even though a lot of the old structures were destroyed in the 1906 earthquake, one of the most prestigious American universities was rebuilt from the ground up and became one of the most beautiful college campuses in the World. Situated on the San Francisco Peninsula, minutes away from the San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean, Stanford has a mix of modern and contemporary buildings surrounded by grass and palm trees.

06. Queen’s University in Belfast- Most Beautiful College Campuses

Standing just south of Belfast, The Queen’s University was founded by Queen Victoria herself. The main building looks like a gothic-style palace, one that would make jealous even past kings and queens of England. If that wasn’t enough the campus hosts a lot of public research projects, so next time when you hear about a study made by British researchers you know where it probably came from.

05. Pepperdine University-Most Beautiful College Campuses

Catalina Islands are an attraction for a lot of tourists so you can understand the joy of the people who study at Pepperdine University. The campus is right near the beach with multiple Mediterranean style houses that host the students and a library that looks like a contemporary mall, instead of the classic gothic architecture of the most universities out there. Anyone who wants to feel like they’re on vacation for years while studying should probably check out this campus.

04. Elon University- Most Beautiful College Campuses

Have you ever wondered how would it be to live inside a botanic garden? That is exactly what Elon University campus is. Besides the natural attractions around the buildings the campus is also well-known for being a part of multiple movies, such as He Got Game. Elon is also quite popular in mass media, multiple publications and news channels, such as the New York Time, naming it the most beautiful college campus in the World.

03. University of Virginia- Most Beautiful College Campuses

Do you ever wonder how would it be if you were the president of the United States and live at the White House? Unfortunately, there is only one president, but while studying at the University of Virginia you can feel like one. Thomas Jefferson founded the university with a presidential vibe in architecture and surrounded by stunning grassy gardens filled with flowers, a mix that makes it one the most beautiful college campuses. If the landscapes and building didn’t convince you to take into consideration the fact that The American Institute of Architects also called the campus “the proudest achievement of American architecture in the past 200 years”.

02. University of Notre Dame- Most Beautiful College Campuses

Not only the U.S. Coasts have beautiful campuses. Deep in the state of Indiana, near the Michigan Lake, stands Notre Dame. With multiple architectural wonders, the two that stand out are the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, with the famous Golden Dome on top of it and probably the most beautiful campus chapel in the World. The main buildings of the Old Campus hide behind tall trees making the students there feel like living in a secluded part of nature, even though is one of the most popular, beautiful and visited campuses because of that.

01. Princeton University- Most Beautiful College Campuses

One of the oldest and the one considered the most beautiful campus by many bloggers and publications can be found at the Princeton University. Nassau Hall alone, being one of the oldest buildings in the United States, built in 1754, can be the only reason for checking out this campus, but the gray stone buildings all around, the vegetation and history of the place makes it even better. The history becomes even richer when you find out that George Washington himself used to live there in the Maclean Hall during the Revolutionary Hall. If that wasn’t enough just imagine that, if Harry Potter was real, this is the place where you could probably find him since it looks exactly like Hogwarts is depicted in the books.

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