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Success at school and in life is very important. But it’s good to note that true success is achieved when you are fully committed to education. At this point in life, I am sure you are educated and well informed. Do you think you could be the same person you are today if you were not educated? Definitely not— your reasoning, thinking, understanding and manner of handling things would be totally different. Success at school is very crucial if you want to be prosperous in life. What are the most important skills you need in order to gain victory at school? We will help you discover the necessary things you need to be successful in school and the essentials of education. But first let’s find out how significant education is in your life.

success at school

Success at School

Why is education important in life? First, it’s significant to note that education is necessary for the economic growth of a nation. For example, countries that are highly developed such as Japan and USA have high levels of literacy rates. It also helps build one’s confidence, self-esteem and the manner in which you approach situations. Were it not for education, you would have less knowledge than you have now. Equally— your manner of solving problems would be totally different and to some extent a bit barbaric. Not to mention, education gives you a clear understanding of the world, makes your dreams come true, as well as gives you financial capability. Every student should benefit from the current education system.

How do you make sure that your child benefits fully from the current education system? Ensure that their talents are nurtured and that they engage in what they like doing most. Be it music, singing, swimming, drawing, reciting poems, reading novels, making machines or spending time with other children. Ensure your child is comfortable.

Looking back in history, the mode of learning, education and imparting of knowledge was very different. What do you know about history in the old days? Have you heard of the scrolls that were used by various priests, scribes and teachers of the law? In the ancient days around 3100 BC, there was a gradual rise of complex civilization in the river valleys of Egypt and Babylonia. Since it was difficult to transmit education from one person to another or from one generation to another. It was essential to come up with a way of recording, accumulating and preserving the cultural heritage. As a result, writing was invented around this time. In that era, people used tablets in place of books and their mode of learning was by memorization. While motivation was by fear of harsh physical discipline.

Back at home, education was passed by apprenticeship from the older and learned people. Education spread in Greece, Rome and other parts of the world. By the year 1200, there were a lot of books in Europe and other parts of the world written in Latin. Education progressed and ultimately many people were aware of the importance of education as well as the skills needed. How is it different now and what has changed? The introduction of technology in the field of education has made learning much easier— especially in the 21st Century. Computers, mobile learning, social media and other forms of technology have made education worthwhile. However, it’s essential to note that there is nothing good in this world that comes easy. Students have experienced a number of setbacks and drawbacks in learning.

As a parent or guardian, you might have experienced that your child has faced a few hurdles and setbacks in school. What are some of their complaints? Is it the school or their friends who intimidate them and affect their performance? More often than not, the school where your child learns might affect them positively or negatively. You need to be aware enough to note the things that affect your kid in order to change for the better. Financial constraints also might affect their comfort in school. For example if a child lacks essential commodities that are useful in school as a result of the parent’s incapability, they might be affected. If the child is slow in learning and understanding what is being taught in school, they might also be disadvantaged. Apart from setbacks that affect the child as an individual, there are other external factors that might disrupt the typical learning at school. For example, political instability, insecurities in their country, government policies and the legal and institutional framework can upset the effectiveness of the learning environment.

All these setbacks in education can be solved if addressed effectively. As a parent, you should ensure you take your child to a school where they are comfortable and productive. Engage them in activities that will boost their productivity. The government should ensure that security is enhanced to solve the problem of political instability and fear. The school should ensure an adequate supply of books.

Success at school is very important if you want be successful in day to day life. Like we have seen, education has progressed unlike the old days when reading and writing was hard. As a student, you should make good use of the available learning materials at home and in school for your success. Make sure your child is always engaged in what they love doing; be it games, music festivals, drawing or dancing. Always remember— if you want to improve your child’s level of education, you can buy more learning materials on Amazon or other book outlets in your area. Success at school is important; invest today in your child for a better tomorrow.

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