Enchondroma | Bone Disorders

What is Enchondroma? Enchondroma is a type of tumor that affects cartilage in the body’s extremities and most often affects teenagers. The tumor is usually benign and can sometimes remain throughout the life of the patient without adverse effects. However, it is possible that an enchondroma can become malignant, and this … Continue reading

Craniosynostosis | Causes and Treatment

What is Craniosynostosis? Craniosynostosis can be define as a disease that affects the growth of infant cranial structures, causing permanent disfigurement. The disease prematurely fuses sutures (joints) in the skull, thereby preventing growth in certain directions. This results in abnormal growth patterns, which can have serious effects on the shape … Continue reading

Osteoporosis | Bone Disorders

What is Osteoporosis? Osteoporosis is a bone disease that is most commonly associated with the elderly, and is more prevalent in women than in men. Symptoms include the gradual deterioration of the skeletal structure, which is why older people are more likely to fracture bones. It is often difficult to … Continue reading

Rickets Disease | Bone Diseases

What is Rickets Disease? Rickets disease  is most commonly associated with early childhood. One positive aspect of Rickets is that it is preventable – with a sufficient supply of vitamin D, e.g. through exposure to sunlight. A healthy and balanced diet is also important in the prevention of Rickets. Rickets … Continue reading