Hip Bones | Hip Anatomy

The Hip Bones and Hip Anatomy

  • The hip, also known as the pelvic girdle, consists of an irregularly shaped bone known as the innominate or coxal bone.
  • Although the sacrum and coccyx bones are located in the pelvis, they anatomically belong to the vertebral column bones and thus are not known as hip bones.
  • The pelvic girdle is located behind and below the abdomen and its primary function is to support the upper body when sitting or standing.

Below are detailed images and descriptions of the hip bones. Use the hip bones diagrams to learn the names of the hip bones and hip anatomy.

Hip Bones

List of all Hip Bones


  • hip bone (innominate bone or coxal bone) (2)

Hip Bone

  • The hip bone, also known as the coxal or innominate bone, is an irregularly shaped bone found in the pelvic region.hip bones views
  • This bone consists of the fusion of three smaller bones and generally this fusion occurs as one approaches adulthood.
  • The human skeleton contains two hip bones that together join to form the wall of the pelvic cavity.
  • Like other bones in the body, the hip bone plays an important role in movement.
  • The hip bone is the site of the hip joint, where a ball and socket joint exists.

Additionally, the hip bone plays a role in support of the body whilst standing or sitting.

The ilium, ischium, and pubis are the three smaller bones that fuse together to form the pelvic.

Furthermore, the entire pelvis is composed of

  • the hip bone
  • sacrum
  • and coccyx

The Hip Bones and some hip anatomy for you.

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