Rotator Cuff Tears | Sprained Shoulder

Rotator cuff tears are the leading cause of shoulder pain in patients and are quite common in athletes and elderly patients, with over two million rotator cuff injuries treated every year. A rotator cuff tear refers to a condition where the rotator cuff tendon is damaged or ruptured. It can … Continue reading

Knee Ligaments | The Ligaments of The Knee

Knee ligaments are the tough, flexible strips of tissues that connect the bones in the knee joint. They play an important role in stabilizing the knee, and allowing the knee joint its full range of movement.. Anatomy of the Knee The knee joint is the largest and one of the … Continue reading

Fluid On The Knee | Water on The Knee

Fluid in the Knee Fluid in the knee (also known as ‘water on the knee’ or ‘knee effusion’) is a condition resulting from excess fluid accumulation in or around the knee joint. The knee joint contains a small amount of fluid under normal conditions, within the joint itself and in … Continue reading

Tendinitis of the Knee | Knee Joint Pain

Knee Tendinitis Knee tendinitis (also called tendonitis) is the inflamed and irritated condition of tendons in the knee, due to overuse or repetitive actions. As a result, this condition is mostly observed in athletes such as runners, jumpers, and basketball/ volleyball players. Tendinitis or tendonitis is not to be confused … Continue reading

What is Epicondylitis | Tennis Elbow

Tennis Elbow or Epicondylitis Tennis Elbow or Epicondylitis is a condition of inflammation of muscles and tendons at the elbow joint. This painful and fairly common condition is usually caused by specific occupational and sports-related activities. Anatomical details The elbow joint has two epicondyles (rounded projections at the end of … Continue reading