What are the Leg Bones of the Human Body| Bones of the Leg

Where and What are the Leg Bones in the Human Body

  • The human leg consists of 8 bones, 4 per leg.
  • The leg’s main function in the human is for locomotion and support of the rest of the body.
  • The leg extends from just below the pelvic girdle to the ankle. The entire region below the pelvic girdle, including the feet, is known as the lower extremity.

Below are detailed descriptions and diagrams of the leg bones. Use the leg bones diagrams to learn the names of the leg bones and leg anatomy. To learn more about the anatomy of the human body click here.

Leg and Thigh Bones

List of all Leg and Thigh Bones


  • femur (2)
  • patella (2)
  • tibia (2)
  • fibula (2)

The Femur | Leg Bone


  • The femur, also known as the thigh bone, is the longest bone of the human skeleton located in between the hip bone femur leg bone 2 femur leg bone 3 femur leg boneand the knee.
  • This bone is one of the strongest bones in the human skeleton and functions in supporting the weight of the body and allowing motion of the lower extremity.
  • A femur bone is found in each leg.
  • The femur makes up part of the hip joint and knee joint.

Additionally, the femur consists of four parts:  the head, greater trochanter, lesser trochanter, and the lower extremity.

It is clear that the femur plays a vital role in walking/running and the femur is one of the more common bones that people can identify.



  • The patella, also known as the knee cap, is a triangular shaped bone found between the femur and fibula.patella 2
  • The patella is found on each leg and it’s primary function is protection of the knee joint.Patella

Furthermore, it also allows for increased knee movement and extension.

The patella is the largest sesamoid bone in the body. A sesamoid bone is a bone that is embedded within a tendon.

Additionally, the patella is a relatively thick bone consisting of posterior and anterior sides.



  • The tibia, also known as the shinbone, is a long bone of the lower leg.tibia Tibia_animation
  • The tibia is found between the patella and the ankle.
  • Like the femur, the tibia bears much of the body’s weight and also plays an essential role in movement and locomotion.
  • The tibia is found in each leg and thus accounts for two bones in the total human skeletal system.
  • In males, the tibia is relatively vertical whereas in females, the tibia is more slanted to account for wider hips in females.

Additionally, the tibia is the second largest bone in the human skeleton, following the femur.



  • The fibula, also known as the calfbone, is a long bone of the lower leg running parallel to the tibia.Fibula
  • This bone is found in between the patella and the ankle.

Although the fibula is thinner than the other leg bones, the fibula still plays a role in supporting the body’s weight and allowing movement. The fibula is found on each leg.

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